13+ How To Unclog Kitchen Sink With Grease Kitchen Pics

13+ How To Unclog Kitchen Sink With Grease Kitchen Pics. Is there anything other than liquid plumber or drano that i could use? If you have already poured grease down the drain and now have a clogged sink, you can dissolve the grease with hot water.

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It is bad weather and i don't want to go out to the store. Luckily, there are many ways of dealing with a clog regardless of the cause. It is a high concentration base that heats up and dissolves grease and food.

However, food scraps and congealed grease can stop up the drain over time, and when this happens you need to know how to unclog it.

How to unclog a grease clogged kitchen sink. Steps that show how to unclog a kitchen sink by starting with the easiest method and progressing to a more involved process for difficult stoppages. When unclogging a double kitchen sink you can also use the abovementioned steps. The best ways to prevent blockage is to be careful what goes down the drain.

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