How to Increase Traffic to Your Website Easily [SEO Tips]

It’s dream of every website owner to have massive amount of traffic per month; he wants to see his traffic graph rising every day. Well, today most people are concerned about traffic as your business growth is completely dependent on traffic and visitors. If you don’t have enough traffic to the website you won’t be able to generate money from your online business no matter how hard you work on design and content. However, by following some simple rules, employing some good SEO methods, and using up-to-date traffic generation tools one can achieve one’s monthly traffic goals.

I am going to outline some basic but highly effective and standard tricks for earning traffic. The first thing is of course use of rich keyword in the content as well as titles. Before you go for traffic generation methods check on your on page and off-page SEO of the website. When you are sure the site is ready to attain backlinks and traffic you can install scripts and tools; for instance if you are running WordPress blog you may install Alexa traffic script, the script is designed keeping into consideration white hat SEO techniques. So you don’t need to worry about software at all. In addition to it, do manual work like forum posting along with your URL in the signature and join discussion forum related to your field and website, post answers and contribute in discussion to build up backlinks. Moreover, you should have a separate blog on the same business website; write interesting and friendly post, this way you will get credibility and traffic.

The best way to get traffic is video marketing, create information and useful videos and post them on Youtube. A millions of people visit Youtube daily so if your stuff is interesting you are more likely to get hits. You may post daily to increase the traffic, make sure that your video has good content and script to take the attention of visitors.
You may also join websites that take excerpt from your blog or website and make them public such as and

You should have some PR 2- PR9 article websites, I am talking about article directory that are created using WordPress Plugin and accept articles as soon as you post them. You should get some backlinks from such website, ideally when you create a new post, create a short extra article and post them to these directories you will be seeing a big flood of traffic coming to your website. So, work professionally and slowly to have targeted traffic but don’t ever use illegal traffic generation tactics they can destroy your website ranking with a blink of eye.

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