Powerful Strategy To Make Instant Profits With CPA Marketing

In this serie of Get Rich Now you are going to discover many proven strategies to make real money online, these strategies are great for part time or full time internet marketers, all you have to do is follow these steps below and take action as soon as possible, so let’s begin:

Advanced CPA Marketing Strategy 1:

  • Step 1: Find a Hungry Niche.

To Find a hot niche with mass traffic you have to answer to this question: What are people looking for and ready to pay for?

Using Google trend tool and Quantcast will tell you WHO are they!

Now go to Google trend, find trend that you think it might have a potential market then go to Google search to find more about the trend, copy 3 top sites related to the trend’s keywords, now use Quantcast tool to analyze your market by analyzing your competition websites, find out about your audience, fi they are male or women, age, income, language, country.. just like this example below:

Niche – Find Job: Female 60%, age: 13 > 17 => 18 > 34, African American, less affluent, people with no college

If you didn’t find any useful trend, check out amazon bestselling list or TopTenReviews.

  • Step 2: Find a TV Show.

By going to tv.com you can get list of top TV shows, I’m not asking you to promote all of them, just find related TV show to your audience, for example if my market is female and most of them are teenage between [13 – 17] then I’m going to looking for a TV show very related to them, like American Idiot or MTV shows, however if you are totally newbie you can go again to this awesome tool Quantcat.com and analyze the best fan site of any TV show you choose, another way is to see what your friends at that age are watching, just like online but online method is more effective because it based on pro research.

  • Step 3: Find a Profitable CPA Offer.

Most of time I use Cpalead.com network to find and promote a CPA offer, also they are many great CPA networks out there, I chose CPALEAD because I can find any offer and promote it easily, in this case I found a “Find job CPA Offer” they pay +$1.5 for filling form on their landing page, the main idea is to get traffic from viral marketing to this CPA offer using the power of viral marketing.

  • Step 4: Make A Quick Squeeze Page.

You don’t have to build it yourself if you can’t, find via fiverr.com for just $5 someone who can make it for you, but give him your own headline and what image should use with your affiliate link, write a killer attractive headline like, “Watch New TV Show For Free Online and Make Huge Profits” anyway, you can test many headlines till you find your best.

Launch page using FTP server if you own a hosting with domain name which I recommend for serious marketers.

  • Step 5: Make a Simple Video and Get Traffic!

They are many ways to make your own video online or using softwares or platforms or YouTube tool, what matter is the content of the video, you have to tell people through your video that YouTube banned TV show and if you want to watch it, check out the link below, you can find such these videos on YouTube to get a view before you make yours, just looking for an episode of a TV show on YouTube and watch free examples, now make and upload many videos for each TV show, call each one “TV X, Episode 1 full online”, reply the same title for other videos with different number counting how many episodes in each TV show, don’t forget to ask them go to your website (link in description).

This traffic method will gets you mass traffic to your landing page and people are more likely to check out about your affiliate offer, you will need more practice to make more money with the same traffic, you can also go for many TV shows for the same Squeeze Page, don’t forget to add Call to Action button in it like >Click Here Now< or >Get Instant Access<

Hope you find this strategy useful, the only way to make sure if it’s work for you or not is by trying it and keep improving until you see  real cash in your account, for any question go to my Facebook people or just comment below but if you share it with your friends, it will be awesome.

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