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  • Mohamed

    Hey Amine, I’m glad that I’m the first to post a question in your new website.

    Well I have a website about a huge topic and the competition is super high. My main traffic source is Facebook, so I’m planing to make small blogs on wordpress related to my topic “Micro niche blogs” with 4 to 5 pages I’m going to follow The XFactor method. I’m going to make these small blogs point to my main site this way I’m going to have a new source of targeted traffic also I will monitize these blogs with adsense, amazon and clickbank.

    My questions are:
    – Is it still possible to rank small blogs even if there on wordress server after all these updates that google have made ?
    – Can I use Autoblogging methods ?

    Thank you

    • Thank you for your question.
      1st there is a different between getting traffic from #Google and #Facebook, if you’re planning to work in small blogging then you should focus more on target traffic from #SEO and it still works as a long as you setup your mini-blog based on very target keyword, that’s the most important part of your plan.

      about autoblogging, I don’t believe it worth time and energy if you don’t have already an autopilot system/platform that can help you get job done fast, also I don’t think autoblogging is a good idea for long term business or at least for serious business online..anyway that’s my opinion, experience matter, so maybe you can crack it!

      I hope this help 😉

  • hey Reny,
    thank you for being honest via your comment, first of all you must believe in your dream/idea of being a successful online entrepreneur, I know how newbies feel when they’re trying so hard to make money online, I was newbie too (no one born expert) so it depend first on your psychology situation.

    It’s too hard to make instant cash if you didn’t get the right strategy in your hard at the best time,, that’s why I prefer to sell strategies not tools, if you don’t have the right method.. even the best tools will not help you.

    right now, I suggest you to jump to mobile business.. it doesn’t request alot of time and it’s the fastest way to start making money if you don’t want to do anything in internet marketing..

    if you want to build a cash machine online, then blogging or launching products could be the best ways with zero investments..

    anyway, the best you can do is to focus on one project until you get it done, that’s how you can make real money online..

    thnx 😉

  • getting traffic depends on your time, money, your niche.

    you can start ad swipe to build your list very faster but it’s not that cheap as you might think..

    also you can just give way contents and ask people to join your list.. they will if your content was good enough to attract them.

    there are many many ways to get traffic..;)

  • I personally will not recommend you to invest your money if you’re totally newbie thinking it will get you everything done and voila!

    all you have to do is waiting your check..

    you should invest in yourself first.. your education.. your mindset..

    once you have the right strategy in your business plan, then you can buy tools and hire people to help you get job done quickly..

    here is a golden rule: invest your time to earn money, then invest your money to earn more money with less time spending in your work..

    Thanks – Twitter:

  • Awssam

    Hèy A.Kitmane ! My name is Awssam and i’m just like when you are in the 13 of your age ! hh i don’t have any idea about “earning from the internet” ! i would like you to share with us your own career experience ! so we can just learn follow and live what you lived !

    and also if you can tell us something about the Email Marketing or any other ways of earning because many of us google hate them ! and never could earn a cent from it ! i don’t have a website or blog and i don’t have that mind of hard working ( blogging and SEO is too hard for me ) i love the “SMART” and “EASY” work ! then if i spent dome of my energy i will see immediate revenues

    Thank you

    • Hello @Awssam
      thank you for your question, as we both know “money is in the list” but not just any list, in order to make serious money with mailing which is also a smarter and easy way to make money online, you need to spend little more time into understand your list, money is not just in any list, it’s in responsive list, once you understand that, you will know how to use email marketing for instant profits online.

      P.S: there are also too many ways to make money online and the most profitable are the harder. emailing still the best for 10 years now.

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