Affiliate Marketing – 4 killer Mistakes You Must Avoid! [VIDEO]


4 Killer Mistakes You must Avoid Immediately

1 First Mistake: of all don’t promote any product for just a high payment commission reason.

A lot of Clickbank products try to get affiliates to promote their products by giving them a high payment commission of a highly cost product they own for example you can find product cost over $200 and you can get paid up to 75% of commission which is great for affiliates but only if the product really works and its sale page convince good..

If you’re newbie you’ll see a lot of people saying will earn a lot of money by promoting that kind of product don’t do that! you’ve to focus on choosing the right product choosing the product is the key and one of the most important key to success as an affiliate marketer.

I’ll explain how to choose the right product to promote in another video, please keep follow my blog and Facebook page for more details.

2 Mistake: don’t go for huge niches or highly competitive keywords.

[dating and relationship]..[weight loss] or [make money online] are very competitive niches and  you can make a lot for money from these niches if you have experience, tools, strategies and a very long patient!

But what if you don’t have one of these powerful Standards?

To compare other super affiliates or people already have lists in these niches?

The secret is you have to make a website or build a list for micro-niche inside one of these huge niches, don’t go with keywords like ‘weight loss training program’ or ‘weight loss course’ you’ve to go with long term keywords

3rd mistake: is wasting time getting traffic from all the web.

Don’t waste your time trying to get traffic from any source of traffic whatever is it paid or free, a lot of people can’t spend money online to get traffic but if you go for free traffic! you’ll see a lot of ways to do that like social network, video marketing, SEO, article marketing and so on…

There is a lot of ways…but you’ve to focus on 1 or 2 methods maximum,  if your website is new you can present your site around the web using every authority website to get backlinks from but you cant keep doing that all the time, because you don’t have energy! especially if you work for yourself you don’t have energy to use as many ways as you can also because you’ll waste all your time in getting traffic or backlinks

4th and last mistake don’t focus only on the technology!

Like building great website or killer design, a lot of people focus only on making best site to compare others website, in fact ugly websites are the most profitable website today, and don’t forget our job is the marketing not programming or design.

Because the secret to success in affiliate marketing is not the technology

Technology is there for us!
They are programmers and developers website making tools for us to make our work easy!
Our job is to ‘market’ and ‘making’ market means marketing and making great product and sell for profits.

Hope you find this post very useful, please comment and share it with your best friends, thanks advance.

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