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Amine Kitmane

Welcome to my Official Blog:

This is Kitmane and I’m really happy to see you there reading about me, in this post I’m going to give you a short story about me and my 4 Elite Secrets to success not only in your business but also in your life.

  • So, Who Am I?

My name is Kitmane Amine and I’ve 23-year old, My goal is to help people become successful in their life and makes our world a better place for everyone, I’ve been in online business since 2007, I tried so many ways to make real money online, I failed much times where I didn’t have my own computer, internet network and I had to figure out how to pay to stay connecting on the web, I left school early and I lived away from my family and friends to focus on building my own online business as my regular job, I don’t know what drove me  to make such these decisions but I believe if I take control of my life I’ll achieve anything as I want, most of time guys at my age spend their times playing or going outside for fun, but as usual I was special!

I was thinking too much about how to crack the code to become an online marketer and watch real money comes from the world wide web using a mouse and network’s cable!

One day in 2009! which still my best day on my life, I was shocked! you know what it means to spend 3 years looking for your path, something that you really want even if your society especially your friends and family didn’t believe that it could happen one time!

But I never give up!

Even if I had no backup plan and I was up to lose everything I’ve even if I had nothing at that time ;p

When this day comes I see what it called magic, finally I made it, finally I turn my dream to truth and I open the biggest door to massive opportunities to success and live my lifestyle that I always want.

You see, always you’ve to believe on your own dream because one day you’ll achieve it, I made my first $300 one time and I take immediately my business to the next live for full time online job and yeas I did it!

The questions is how I did that and how you can too?

Well, here are my 4 elite secrets to achieve anything you want anytime:

1: Make a powerful goals in your life:

Without goals you just waste your time, think again, why you’re alive?

If you don’t have reason you can make it right now, your goal is the only thing that motivate you and keep you doing your best to success, here is how you can make your goals:

Take a notepad with a pen and then write where are you right now, what is your job and what is your financial situation, your relationship and healthy, try to be honest with yourself!

When you done with this list, answer to this powerful question:

What do you really want?

Really, get image in your mind of everything you want whatever it is possible or not, it is for short time or long time, if you don’t know what you want, listen to the music that motivate you and you’ll get some answers,  just make sure you get focus before writing anything.

2: Be grateful and take control of your life!

if you’re tired, upset or angry about your situation, you’ll waste a lot more time to success, you’ve to be grateful about everything you’ve…it doesn’t matter what it is just try to make your life simple, for example if you don’t like your daily job don’t say I hate my job all the time because you’ll always keep doing it and saying the same thing, so here is what you’ve to do:

If you don’t like doing something you’re oblige to do turn it to a routine! that’s it, just say I’m ok with that I’ll do it but I’ll not think about it, if you’re poor don’t blame your country or someone else even if you born poor! ALWAYS Be THANKFUL AND WISH THE BEST.

All you’ve to do is to be grateful for what you’ve and who you’re and wish the best, I don’t want you to keep focus on your problems, started from today, remember where you thinking go, focus follows and you get more from it.

3: Use your 3 powerful tools:

Max of people think about money and said you need money to get everything you want! in fact money is only 20% of your power, everyone’s power even if you don’t have money at all you still have 80% of your power which means you’ve to turn back and look at what is your inside power and use it to attract lifestyle you want, here are your 3 powerful tool you must to improve and use them carefully!

Mindset: especially your focus, if you know how to use Google to improve your mindset skills like how to focus, how to think positively and how to use power of visualization.. that’s the main key to success in your life, I’m saying it all the time “feed your mind first”.

Time: time management is really helpful for people who still looking to success, if you don’t review your day before your sleep and see if you did something good for yourself then you must to re-manager your time, you can learn about it online and keep in mind that the time is the most valuable thing we’ve, please life is too short to trade your time for few dollars, do what it takes to enjoy it and use it for your best!

Energy: Don’t say I can’t! over again

You’ve enough energy to start again even if you’ve 80 year old! energy is really great gift we’ve and all need to do is to use it for good thing, like focus on our goals, helping other people. adding value to our society and so much things we can do for yourself.

Be healthy, put yourself as a wealthy person, get advice from other successful people, give hops and show that you really care about your friends or anyone else you know, people will love you if you listen to them and share with you’ve with them!

It’s like giving away free quality content for getting people trust you and your content! [Marketing tip].

4: Never Give up!

I heard this from a lot of people ‘I tired but it doesn’t work…or…I did my but I’m not a lucky person”..this is not true, you can get it if you want it, it doesn’t matter how much time it will take at least if you keep trying to get you.

You can achieve any goal as you want if you don’t keep using the same old ways to make it, if this method doesn’t work for you just figure out a better way. another thing try and fail and don’t fail to try until you get it!

PS: Success is all about psychology and not mechanic including money, feed your mind with best tips and strategies, focus on what you want and don’t think too much about your problems, use anything you’ve including your 3 powerful tools and live your best life.

PSS: I hope you learned something helpful from this post and you get an image about me, please leave your comment below and share if you like!

This is Amine Kitmane..Thank You again!


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