5 SECRET Steps To Turn Your Hobby Into Quick Cash

Before we get started.. let me ask you this question?

What is your dream job?

‘Before you continue, please comment below answering to this question.’

Why I’m asking this question, maybe it is the most important question in your business life and has to be answered, anyway if you are living your dream and loving your job, that’s great and it will give you more confident to turn other dreams into reality, but if you don’t then you have a problem and trust me, everything could be changed if you believe you can.

“Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so.”

A Belva Davis Quote.

Today, You and me now we are going to put our hands to help you turn your hobby into a money making business, because I believe doing what you love as a hobby and business, it’s the dream job of everyone and you are going to give more to the world from what you love to do.

I don’t care about you age, where are you from and who you are, if you believe you can do it, you will achieve it, through my own experience, I’m going to do my best to share with you how I turned my dream into reality and most importantly how you can too turn hobby into a money making business.

  • 1st Step: know More About Yourself:

know what you are doing the best, what you love doing and where you spend your free time, if you don’t know its the time to figure out  just by looking to where you spend your time and what you like to do, for me it was and I still love making videos, I just take my smartphone or camera and go out with my friends making short movies or videos just for fun. so by asking myself this question I found that I love making video, that’s my real hobby, now think and write down yours.

  • 2nd Step: Find Out a New Business Related To Your Hobby:

When you know what you like most doing then start doing a little research that will help you knowing what business [industries] that have relation with your hobby, for me video maker hobby has a lot of opportunities in the business world especially at this time, I can go for entertainment business such cartoon, movies, TV shows or go for press as  a reporter or documentary maker, anyway I choose making online video marketing, because I like to be my own boss and creating amazing videos, you can start by searching on Google or magazines that have the same niches, some hobbies have massive competition in offline world that’s where you should find creative ideas to crack your niche and start making real cash doing what you love, there are many other ways to find business, niches and ideas that can help you.

  • 3rd Step: Don’t Wait…Take Action As Soon As Possible:

To turn hobby into a money making business, you should take it very seriously BY: Finding new methods [how-to], improve your skills, attract people who have the same interest, imagine and believe as you already successful that is going to help you speed up your work, read related content, find out new creative ideas, you can also join a communities online/offline that are sharing the same hobby with you, meeting people will give a a lot more ideas and opportunities to open doors for new business, if you can’t or you prefer to do it yourself as I did, learn and read about success stories ebooks and books about small business and online business, check out top sites on your niche and try to note and make your own blueprint., when you get that idea in you bathroom that you believe it is your path to success, then note it and start figuring out how you can turn it into a business today, you don’t have to think a lot about it, if it will works or not, if it’s great or not, psychology you will become afraid and maybe you will kill 1 million worth idea in just your mind and I think that’s the worst part in this processor, so don’t do it, ok?

  • 4th Step: Try and Fail and Don’t Fail to Try:

here where most people failed when they start taking action, they say OK  I get I know what I’ve to do and I’m going to do it, when it doesn’t work for 1st or 2nd times, they say this stuff doesn’t work for me or I can’t do that or I don’t have chance and I’m not a talent, in fact that’s good because it means to me you are in right way and you shouldn’t expect people pay you from first time, the most important now is to keep doing what you love and keep improving it  and find other ways and methods till you make it!

  • 5th Step: Why Most Artists Don’t Get RICH $$?

Let’s say you paint and you have your own artworks but no one interesting to buy it, that’s what is happening to the most artists, they make great job, very impact and creative but they died as they live poor.. poor… poor!

Read the history and you will find the same story happened more than once, after death people start to asking who is that and what he is done!

Then you will hear “Oh! that’s was a great artwork and he was a great painter but poor man, he is died poor and his artworks worth million dollars now”, So said to hear that in 21th century, that’s why you and I should learn from history and don’t do the same faults or the history will reply itself.

Let me give you my own example, when I started making video for the web, I d didn’t make any dime until I figure out how to marketing it, so I turn from just make and edit videos to how to market my videos, I found dating niche is the best for me and I can do a lot on it, then I found an affiliate offer related to this niche and read their sale letter, all I did is turn sale letter to a promo video, then the idea start growing using my imagination and knowledge, the main idea here is to understand how marketing impact in your new business and how to market your product which is your artwork and what market really want, marketing is the key to turn any hobby in a money machine, again i don’t guarantee you success from day one, but marketing always telling us market your product with many methods and creative ways, in free internet you have all you need to get power of knowledge and science in your hands, just move on trying your best and I’m sure when you see the results of your work, you will understand the value of your bathroom amazing thought and how great you are.

Putting the power of marketing into your imagination, will not just turn a hobby to a money making business, but will help you to win your life including your time, energy and focus, if you believe you can live your dream job you will, you must to keep learning, trying, improve even if you start making real money doing what you love, keep motivate yourself and don’t ever think to give up.

PS: please comment below answering to the question above post or sharing your hobby and dream job, also don’t forget to share this post with your friends and welcome to ask me any question anytime.

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