5 Quick Tips To Improve Your Multitasking Skills Fast

If you are like me and you are doing most of internet marketing tasks then you might have a problem of doing multitasking every single day, simply because you get new ideas every day, you are online most of your time and your are your own boss and no one is telling you what you should do, well time management and multitasking management is a very important skills you should improve yourself to lead your business to the next level, in other hand losing focus on multitasking can kill your business and maybe your main goal which is financial freedom, I’m happy to share with you my own techniques and tools that are helping me to improve my multitasking management and then my work which impact in my income as well..

Quick Tip 1:

Set your today’s program at the night before you going to sleep, most of your time could be wasted if you setting on your desktop and you still don’t know what to do and what is the most important for you today, that’s why if you made a pre-program before you went to sleep, you will know exactly what you need to do after your breakfast.

Quick Tip 2:

Don’t waste your time on Facebook , it happens time to time you like to check out your facebook feed and contact and maybe you do the same with twitter, well you can do that but you should check out quickly, I mean less than 1min for every 30min if you are Facebook addicted.

Quick Tip 3:

Use Quick Note google Chrome extension to write down every new idea or task you just had in your mind, that’s how you will not end up doing something wasn’t in your program, you can also use a multi-task paper if you prefer, personally i use both of them, but as marketer I use online tool for my IM tasks and paper for offline tasks, with this tool Quick note by Diigo.com you can sync with all your devices suck Iphone or Android.

Quick Tip 4:

Focus on ONE time for at lest 50 min, turn your phone in silence, close facebook tab and open new window just to do one thing at the time, you don’t have to worry about other tasks or any new idea, because you can back anytime to Quick Note and write it then back to work as soon as you describe it, if your are working in project that takes days or weeks then use another great Chrome extension called Simple Windows Saver, it’s simple tool but very effective, I trust it and I still using it since last 2 years!

Quick Tip 5:

50*10 rule, Oh! this method is awesome to keep your productivity higher for more than 5h per day, your brain and body are not like your laptop, they need to be relaxed or you will quickly lose focus and productivity after just 1:30min, 50*10 rule telling us that for every 50min of work take 10min of relax, how can you do that?

Well simply count your work-time, not by yourself, but using a very useful tool called XnoteStopWatch , it’s totally free and all you have to do is Play when you start working and stop after every 50min, then get relax don’t go for playing or chatting!

the main point here is to give our brain and body time to get relax, review our work and if we are in right direction 😉

I use these tips myself and I found them as my only way to keep improving my multitasking skills without forcing my brain or body to do more than enough and they help me to be creative in my work, please try them yourself and let me know if you feel the change, for any question ask me through my facebook page and don’t don’t forget to share this post with your friends.

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