3 Best Ways to Promote Affiliate Products Using Video Marketing

Video marketing become not only one of the best way to get traffic with it but it become the best ever and a lot of people have full time income using the power of video marketing including me, simply video it’s the best way to delevre message to your prospects, as an affiliate I’m going to share with yo my top ways to promote any product with video marketing.

1. Show me what’s inside BOX –

This type of video works pretty well with who already bought the products and he is promoting it, all you do is to show people what you get after you bought it and how did you find it.

2. Reviews –

Review video are related to show me what’s inside videos, sometimes you’re an expert in your niche and you don’t have
to pay before you review, but if you can do it, it will be better, in review video, you show people the good and bad points, for who is and if it is scam or not! – just like I’m doing on my blog

3. Teach Me [Tutorial Video] –

This method could skyrocket you or break you!
most affiliates teach others hopping to get them buy though their links, training people it takes more time,
because you don’t target buyer market and you should be a good marketing to save yourself time teaching and giving away moe contents with poor results, and here is what you have to do, first make your video pro and ugly, don’t show in your video that you’re after effect pro or video profesionel or creative, more you’re simple better results you get then always include call to action at the end of every video you made, I don’t talk about just your site in image, but 15 to 30 second talking about service of your site and how it can help them to improve their skills!

last point, most of the time don’t make your video longer than 3 min and go ahead quickly talking about your content, why?
simply people are looking for results and solutions, then if you saved their life or fixed their problems, they will back you and check your link even if you don’t ask for that!
but most of the time, as I told you add call to action at the end of each video!

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